Should You Date Your Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend?

In my own honest opinion, dating your friend’s ex girlfriend is one of the biggest mistakes that you could ever do in life. I’ve been there, done that and nothing good has happened. Regrets are always in the end. So before you proceed to something mutual, maybe you’d like to consider some things first.

Friendship always comes first

There’s a guy who doesn’t feel awkward hanging out with his friend and ex-girlfriend although he knows that the two are dating.”

Wait, what? Well, it works for some cases but not all the time. Obviously, getting involved with your friend’s ex can create a gap between you and your friend. Let me ask you, how would you feel if you see your friend dating the woman you used to love? Is that okay with you? Are you sure that you won’t feel uneasy? I don’t think so. The bottom line is, this could be a friendship ender for both sides. Come on dude. There are so many fishes in the sea. Believe me, you can always find a girlfriend anytime or maybe sometime soon, but not everyday you can find a true friend that’ll be there in good times and in bad. So don’t lose the friendship that you’ve cherished for so long just because of a girl.

You won’t just lose one, but maybe more

Most of the time, cases like this has a negative impression to one’s circle of friends. If you date your friend’s ex, your friend will be on the downside of the situation. Especially if he’s still single. Chances are, he might only get the sympathy of others. How do you think your other friends would react knowing that you’re hooking up with his ex? I’m quite sure that they won’t be too happy about it. There comes the risk of losing more of your friends. At that point you should ask yourself:

Is it worth it?

Is this woman worth losing my friends and causing pain to a close friend?

The new relationship could be hard for you

Okay let’s say that you really like the girl. At first, it will be so good and feel so right. But eventually, everything will be boring. There’s no twist anymore because you already knew each other. Your friend must’ve shared almost anything about them to you when they were still together. Including private things. You won’t get too excited sharing the same stuff which you know her ex has already done for her before. And the worst part, time may come that she’ll even compare him to you.

Gathering with her friends is weird. For sure, they already knew you and they were even close friends of her ex (your friend). There’s a possibility that they also know the story behind the two of you. Not only them, but maybe her parents and relatives as well. And that’s embarrassing. So in short, entering this kind of relationship will make your world a lot smaller. Unless you don’t care about what other people say. In the end, you’d realize the consequences of your actions. It just depends on how you’ll face them. Good luck.