Dear You, by Lauren Remo: Lyrics + Tab

So here’s my first blog post. A tab of Lauren Remo or LalaTheLauren‘s Dear You,. I learned the song by ear so if ever you have any corrections just leave a comment. Although I’m quite sure that this is an accurate one.

Tuning: Works best on half-step down tuning but standard E will do.


I don’t know the chord names but she plays them like these:

        1st Chord      2nd Chord      3rd Chord       4th Chord

For the 4th Chord, use your thumb to press the low E string on 4th fret while muting the A string as well. This could be hard at first but after a few tries you’ll get used to it. Practice makes perfect. Play these chords all the way and always listen to the song so you can get the right timing and plucking. That’s it. Have a good time!


[verse uno]

It’s been three years and a few days since I laid my eyes on you.
We were just friends, not as caring. Now that we’re grown, I know what to do.
It’s been a while since I wrote a letter, please excuse my mistakes because I don’t know better.
Feelings show themselves from the very start, so here’s a little something you can take to your heart.


Dear please hold me close, don’t ever let go.
Take my hand, be my man, try to understand me.
Dear you, make me smile when you stare in my eyes.
I love the little things that you do ..
Dear you, .. Sincerely, me.

[verse dos]

Do you remember our first date, when you took me out?
Not too expensive, I appreciate it. The feelings were just right.
I felt foolish when you bowled a strike.
Because dear, when you kissed me .. I was gonna pass out for the night.


[instrumental vocal improvisation]