In Case of Fire

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe).

What did you grab?

1. Wallet

2. Smartphone

3. All important documents in one briefcase: (passport, ID, birth certificate, etc.)

4. Car keys

5. My computer’s system unit. lol

So basically, those are just five things that I would grab in case the house is on fire.

This is a response to Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House



  1. I would grab

    1. same
    2. Cellphone (I have a dumbphone)
    3. same
    4. Same
    5. My poetry books and story books. (would hate to have to write all that again)

    I guess I really don’t have much to save. I don’t have that many possessions. But your post made me think a little.


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