Life and Death

For Christians like me, the All Souls’ Day celebration has passed 3 days ago. It’s a yearly commemoration of our departed loved ones. And I am certain that you always wonder, what happens when you die? Do souls really exist? Is heaven and hell real?

Well, neither of us knows. There are many assumptions and beliefs yet nobody has any proof of what will happen when a person dies. Understanding the purpose of one’s life is hard but figuring out the afterlife is much harder. Because there is no one who have died and came back to describe what does afterlife actually look like.

Near-death experiences and astral projections aren’t even concrete proofs to say that some of us have already been there. Though I admit that I experienced one before, I wouldn’t be so sure that the afterlife I’ve seen is real. Sometimes I’m curious, do our deceased loved ones still remember us while they are somewhere? Or with their new life comes new people and consciousness? Hopefully, memories of the past won’t perish somehow.

My mother always says that I should do the right thing while I am still alive so when I die, I will be sent to heaven. I think it makes sense although I do believe that all of us will undergo punishment regardless of how big or small our sins here on earth. However, we will all be cleansed in the end. No options. No things like “some will go to heaven” and “some will go to hell”. Meaning, we’ll go through hell then to heaven. The incarceration on hell depends on our sins. The bigger the sins we got, the longer we’ll stay there. But heaven is waiting for everyone after. That’s my opinion.

Life is indeed a mystery. And that’s what makes it interesting. Neither science nor religion can tell what’s going to happen when we pass away. The only truth is, we cannot know anything about afterlife until we die.



  1. I personally think that upon my death, my consciousness will cease to exist. After all, damage any part of the brain and you lose some function or memories, I don’t know why that would change when the entire thing dies. I am also fairly comfortable in saying that I don’t want an everlasting life. An infinite amount of anything decreases it’s value to worthlessness. An eternal life, in my opinion would be mere existence, not true life.


    1. Literally upon death, the brain won’t work anymore and memories will fade. But if ever afterlife exists, do we retain our past memories there? That’s what I’m wondering about. I don’t prefer an everlasting life either but wouldn’t it be nice if we’ll be given a chance to see our deceased loved ones again even just for a day? By the way, thanks for the thoughts my friend. Worth of life is certainly not measured by the number of years we lived. Instead, by how we lived through those years.

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