The iOS 7 Dilemma

iOS-7-LogoAm I the only one who doesn’t want to update to iOS 7? Everyone was so excited about the new platform when it was first announced. And it’s been 3 weeks since Apple released the update for the said firmware but I haven’t updated mine yet.

The new design maybe isn’t bad for some users but it’s just that I don’t prefer this kind of color-filled user interface on Apple. I’ve had enough of this on my Android phone though. I like the simplicity of the old versions better. iOS 7 looks childish and unprofessional (well, in my own opinion). Some teens would like it but older geeks may not. They should’ve retained the design of the former version and just added new features if they wanted to see some improvements. But changing the whole platform to “Android-like UI” wasn’t a good idea at all. I’m not bashing Apple but the new version really looks like Android.

Another downside I noticed about the update, most users are complaining about the power consumption of the new iOS. Some say that it rapidly drains the battery life of their unit. Additional burden is the 3gb consumption on their device’s maximum capacity once the update is installed. That slows down the process of some old units but not in my case cause I use iPod Touch 5G somehow.

So what’s my problem? I can just simply ignore the update if I don’t like it. Right?

ios 7 on ipod touch 5g

with the annoying (1) notification on settings

Yeah, but as you can see above, the notification badge doesn’t seem to vanish unless I download the update. And it’s annoying. I searched the web for solutions but the only way to remove this is to jailbreak my unit. Then I can download an application which hides a badge app icon. That would be my last resort but still I won’t do that. Seems like I have to go through with this annoying notification until the next update. Hope that iOS 8 would come up with pleasing development.

*If you have suggestions on how I can remove this badge without jailbreaking my ipod, please leave a comment. Thanks!


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