Asthma: Prevention and Treatment

Asthma is a chronic disease that can affect your everyday life if not properly treated. But there are many ways to prevent the cause of its attack. It’s just a matter of self discipline and management. Plus a guidance from your doctor, you can still live a happy, normal life.

As an asthma patient, I’ve been to many medications and treatments before. It was in my teenage years when I learned the ways to cope with my condition. I listed some of the things to avoid and guidelines to observe in order for me to manage the disease. I’m not a health professional but here are some tips based on my personal experiences regarding asthma:

1. Avoid asthma triggers. Anything from dust to smoke can trigger an asthma attack so stay away from them. Always keep your room clean. Change your bed sheet once a week and use synthetic pillows instead of feather pillows. Hypoallergenic bath towels are also available in the market. Furry stuffed toys are triggers too, so you better keep those out. As well as hairy pets or animals. Sad to say but you have to get someone else to take care of them. Refrain from using powder or fragrances because they can induce nasal allergy which leads to cough and asthma attack later on. Somehow, you can use decongestants or anti-histamines to treat allergy symptoms. Furthermore, some foods can also trigger an asthma attack. My doctor once prohibited me of eating sweets and even oily or salty foods. Along with cold beverages and snacks like ice cream and beer.

2. Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Proper exercise can help you get rid of asthma attack. Cardiovascular exercises can increase your stamina and build strength to your lungs. Jogging in the morning for 30 minutes is a good plan. Just don’t overdo it or else it will be a contrast on what you want to achieve. Eat right and watch your weight. Overweight and obesity can affect your asthma and even your exercise routine. More over, avoid stress and always maintain a good night sleep. In my experience, lack of sleep can also cause an asthma attack. Stop smoking and stay away from people who smoke. Take vitamins or health supplements. Vitamin C and B Vitamins are good examples.

3. Consult a doctor and take your medication as prescribed. This is a good way to manage asthma. Better visit a doctor to get some advice and the right medication suitable for your age. Most doctors prescribe inhaler and sometimes, pills. Just be careful when taking medicines. Always follow the right prescription to avoid problems in the end. And be cautious about the side effects. It’s not bad to search some backgrounds over the internet about the prescribed medicine. Or you could just simply ask your doctor about it. There are also some alternative medicines but like what I said, always be careful when taking these treatments.

*Remember that asthma can’t be permanently cured but can be controlled. Self discipline and management is a must.


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