Flashback Friday: Nintendo Gameboy Color

my gameboy color collage

So the planned trip today with my friends has been postponed to next week. Too bad that I woke up early. Got nothing to do but since I was already wide awake, I’ve started the day by doing something productive. I cleaned my room.

In the middle of the chore, I was stuck checking things in my old drawer. That drawer, somehow is like a time machine. It always brings back memories. There I keep my old buddy. My Gameboy Color 1998 model. Probably the first game console that I’ve had. Back to those days when computer games weren’t so popular yet. It made me smile thinking about the late nights I spent playing Pokemon Blue Version where I aimed to catch all 150 pocket monsters but didn’t end up completing the quest (I only caught 138 if I am not mistaken). Shout out to all pokemon players out there! lol.

How nostalgic. Those days where I used to do my homework quickly just to play after. And for the record, I also finished the Super Mario Land game from version 1 to 2.

More games that I’ve finished with this console are Pokemon Gold Version, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Donkey Kong, Contra Wars, Jurassic Park, Ninja Turtles and Rayman 2. Nowadays, children normally play other game consoles and online games on computer and tablets than those of Nintendo but for me, gameboys are still the best.

Times have passed and new generations have been released. However, the old models will always be memorable for 90’s kids like me. Mine is already broken yet I keep it as a remembrance. In fact, our house had undergone renovation twice for the past 2 decades but this gameboy is still here! :)


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