I Met a Beautiful Stranger

Have you ever met a stranger, who you never saw again, that you still think about sometimes? Yes? No? Maybe?

For me, “Yes“. December 23 last year, my family and close relatives held a reunion in my mother’s province. It lasted for 3 weeks. That was also a holiday vacation for the whole family. But due to my work, I didn’t have the chance to leave so I missed the Christmas celebration. It was December 28 when I could finally travel for the holiday, almost 3 days before New Year’s Eve.

I haven’t traveled in a while so the tour was really exhausting for me. It took 3 stopovers to reach the destination. That’s a total of 12 hours for the whole trip. In the service van on the way to the port, everyone was busy doing their own stuff. Then I spotted a girl. Roughly the same age as mine. She looked so bored yet I noticed her smile when I cracked a joke to my seatmate. When we arrived at the venue, everybody got off the van. She has already disappeared. What a setback. I would’ve loved to see her more.

Moving on, I had my lunch first and went to the station after to buy a ticket. I was so surprised to see that she was there and we were actually going to board the same ship. She greeted me. I got tongue-tied the moment I saw her. Kind of lame on me that she approached me first. She even asked me to have a seat. Awkward. While waiting for the fast ferry to depart, we had a few chats. Mostly about the province. Glad to hear that she lives there. She went to Manila for Christmas and just coming back home then. Exactly opposite of my course because I was supposed to spend the holidays there in the province.

The conversation went well. She was really a nice person. Perhaps, the friendliest stranger that I’ve ever met. When the ship was about to go, I simply asked her, “So what’s your name?“. She smiled at me and replied, “Secret“. I became speechless and I didn’t know why. I froze for a moment. Then she boarded the ship. So did I. There we separated and the ship sailed.

In the port upon arrival, I tried to look for her but I didn’t find her anymore. I tried calling the port’s operator to get a copy of their passengers list for that day but they didn’t give it out due to privacy concerns. I’ve also tried searching her on social networking sites but it’s really hard to look for someone who you don’t even know the name.

Up until now I still wonder who was that girl. Another Serendipity story. I should’ve asked her name no matter what. But I failed. I wonder if I could see her again. Though I am trying to find her, it’s not that easy. But who knows. maybe we’ll meet each other again someday. Only fate can tell. Hope she could read this. Stay awesome darling!


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