Breathing Underwater in a Dream

underwaterIt’s been a week now of sleepless nights and restless days for me. My insomnia tortures me a lot and it’s really annoying. Whenever I try to shut my mind off, it won’t stop thinking about senseless thoughts and never-ending daydreams.

But luckily, yesterday I was able to fall asleep after almost 2 days of being awake. The sleep was good enough to restore my energy and the best part of it, I remembered what I dreamt of. It wasn’t my “usual” underwater dream where I drown most of the time. There I swam, which was weird since I don’t even know how to swim. The most exciting about this, I could breathe underwater.

So I dived deeper. I saw fishes and other sea creatures. I also stood upon the sand below while looking up to blurred streaks of sunlight through the water. 2 words: Magical and breathtaking. It was such a wonderful experience having explored the deepest of ocean. Everything seemed so real. I even felt the waves crashed on me when I rose above the water. But I wasn’t aware that I’m dreaming. Until my phone alarmed and I woke up.

I immediately checked the meaning of my dream on the internet. There I found some facts about it. I actually had a lucid dream. Some say, to dream that you are breathing underwater means that you want to return to a state where you were dependent and free from responsibilities. Which I think, is somehow related to me. Sometimes I feel so worried about anything. My past mistakes frustrate me whenever I think about them. Maybe I am just not yet satisfied of how I’ve become today. And that’s what bothers me.

I guess it’s about time for me to unwind and just go with the flow. Might be the best representation of my dream. Well for me, if I’d summarize everything that I’ve experienced, I’d say that dreaming is the best way to win a sweet escape from our bitter reality. ~

This is a response to Daily Prompt: Freudian Flips


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